Our History

First Baptist Church of Elston, formerly known as Elston Baptist Church, was known as Sardis Church when it was founded in 1827.  Just Imagine, no railroads were available to carry freight or passengers to the area, but the pioneering men and women pushed west and the settlement of Lookout where Sardis Church was formed.

As taken from the church minutes.
“At a meeting held in the home of James Fulkerson in the County of Cole, State of Missouri, on Saturday, the 11th day of August, A.D. 1827 the following Presbytery met (to wit) John B. Longan, John Bowles, and David Allee, who at the request of the Baptist Association.  The members present were David Chambers, Jason Harrison, William T. Hines, Richard Lundy, Martin Gouge, Elizabeth Fulkerson and Isabella Hollingworth.  Seven in number who after due examination, were pronounced a Church, to act with full power and authority and as such…whereupon said church proceeded to do business.  Open a door for the reception of members and resolved that this church be called and known by the name of Sardis.”

The church did not immediately erect a church building, but met in the home of David Chambers who lived at “Lookout” about one and one-fourth miles northwest of Elston.  After which in 1838 a building was erected at Lookout.

After the Civil War (1860-1865) a new church was built in Elston and dedicated in 1885.  This building was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground August 24, 1924.

A new frame stuccoes building, seating 250, and basement, was built on the same site and dedicated in 1926.  In this building the Baptist and Methodists united for some thirty years.

Below is gallery of pictures of the monumental dates of our long history of serving the Lord.

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